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A 1-2 week study of the wonders of Jellyfish

Jellyfish Unit Study Final Digital Copy.


Kids Reading Book in Park
Students in a Science Class


The homeschool unit studies site was originally built  to house our educational Amazon Rainforest Unit Study, as well as supplemental rainforest products to deepen the learning experience for children. We are expanding the line of unit studies available over the next few years, so keep coming back to see what's new! 

A good unit study involves learning about a topic through various learning styles, ensuring that the student fully experiences the subject in an engaging way. Students who learn about a topic using several learning styles will most likely retain that knowledge throughout their lives.

Our Unit Studies introduce the student to the topic, and encourage further exploration through Read alouds, videos, interactive websites, experiments and crafts/activities. We hope you and your children will find it to be a fun way to learn.

Look for  more unit study topics

to be released this year!

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