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Tree Frog

     Hello and welcome to Acorns n' Oaks!  Look around and make yourself at home. Review the Amazon Rainforest unit study, shop for toys, games, books and puzzles to enhance learning about the rainforest, and check out the blog!

     Acorns n' Oaks was built to house our Rainforest Unit Study (others to come!), as well as products to deepen the learning experience, making them easily available to you in a one stop shop.

A good unit study involves learning about a topic through various learning styles, ensuring that the student fully experiences the subject in an engaging way. Students who learn about a topic using several learning styles will most likely retain that knowledge throughout their lives.

     Our Rainforest Unit Study introduces the student to the rainforest, and encourages further exploration through Read Alouds, videos, interactive websites, experiments and crafts/activities.  We hope you and your children will find it to be a fun way to learn about the rainforest. Thanks for visiting!

(Look below for links to helpful homeschooling sites)

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