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Storage for Homeschool - 3 Pieces of Furniture that could help

Hey guys! Many of you may be new to homeschool, but even if you're a veteran, storage can be an issue. When I homeschooled, we had school stuff everywhere! And we moved our "school room" several times. We started off in the breakfast nook when my kids were little, then moved to the dining room, and finally to an extra bedroom we have upstairs. It seemed the books, papers and crafts & activities were all over the place! We worked together at a large kidney shaped desk, and I did the best I could with cubbies for storage. I didn't know about these furniture solutions back then. (or Maybe they didn't exist! 😁)

Whether you have a dedicated space or you freestyle your homeschool experience, there are lots of good blogs out there where you can grab amazing tips, such as Confessions of a Homeschooler. Here you'll find tons of information, a podcast and even courses on how to homeschool!

Organized Homeschool offers articles on just that! Organizing your home, school, work and life, and trying to find balance one day at a time. Check out this article on smaller organization tools at Hip Homeschool Moms.

This article (from An Offgrid Life) called Homeschool Organization without a Homeschool Room is fantastic - her organization style is very similar to what I read in The House that Cleans Itself. She talks about storing what you need in or near the place you use it. This method would typically use a lot of baskets, bins, totes or designated cabinet space in the specified areas.

Wherever you are in your homeschooling journey, I hope you are inspired by the things you've learned here. What about you? Do you have any organization tips or products that are lifesavers for you?

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